How to check website traffic free & get web statistics

Daily analysis of the visitors to your site is essential if you need a spirited site. If you’re not tracking and analyzing the traffic of your business website, you have no way of knowing you have made good content and marketing decisions or not. For activating a Web Traffic Analysis services on a website a JavaScript code has to be installed in the pages of the website. Every time a visitor visits a page on this site, the code collects information about the visitor and forwards this information to store in the database. Website Traffic Analysis generates easy-to-read statistical reports about the volume and profile of visitors to your site, which pages are being visited most often, the search terms being used to find you and much, much more.

Website traffic track and analysis

Web Traffic Analysis services provide a variety of reports. To name one of them there is the basic statistics report which shows the number of visitors to the site, number of pages viewed, number of repeat visitors, etc. Then there are services who breakdown the traffic report on the basis of geographic location, entry pages, exit pages, referring web site, ISP, etc. Then again there are services which provide reports that indicate the search terms that the visitors entered in the search engines they used.

i-Three Web Solution designed and developed websites includes an easy to use Website Traffic Analysis package, so you can track how your website is working, from where your website visitor are coming from, which keyword they use to visit your website and more . This information is valuable for your company’s ongoing marketing and promotional strategies. We also provide this services to others website that come from another company who have not used this services their website.

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