Flash Website Design


Adobe Flash is powerful software that the designers at i3 develop to add media interactivity to your website. We provide flexible and user-friendly Flash websites that includes stunning animations, dynamic systems, video into web pages and much more. Flash can add exciting animated content to your product catalog that allows you to give your prospective customer a multimedia experience which is sure to clinch the sale.

In Flash websites, we use a combination of animations and sound to hold the viewer’s attention. Compared to a static website, flash websites are more dynamic as sound and movement are involved. These sites also help in effective distribution of information to the visitors than traditional websites. When customers come to your site, they will make an immediate estimate of the quality of your product or services based on their first impression. This first impression is your website. If you are looking for flash based web design and flash-based intro designing, please contact us as soon as possible.

Benefits of Flash Website Designing with us:

  • Add creativity
  • Can include rich graphics
  • Visual impact with high-quality animations
  • Compatible with most browsers.
  • Can integrate music and other audio files to make it more attractive
  • Can add the video file
  • Fully animated navigation
  • Cutting-edge visual effects