Flip ePaper, Book, Magazine Design


We are the best flip epaper, ebook, online magazine or e-newspaper maker in Nepal.

Readers are gradually moving online, so publishers have to be in motion with them. If you have a presentation to make or would like to create an online publication, one way to make your pages live is a flip magazine, ebook or e-newspaper. E-Paper design allows publishers to address their digital publishing needs.

ePaper enlarges the reach of your publication to the world by translating what appears in your print edition to the digital environment, giving you access to a worldwide base of media motivated consumers. Electronic paper is often considered to be more comfortable to read than conventional displays. This is due to the stable image, which has no need to be continuously refreshed and has a wider viewing angle. Flip epaper is an efficient solution for presenting different publications like brochures, books, magazines as well as image portfolios online.

We convert traditional print versions of newspapers, magazines, catalogs, brochures, corporate documents and textbooks into epaper for your website visitors. Our flip epaper is much lighter and more flexible than downloading heavy PDF file. Flip book, online magazine or online flip newspaper serves to make your publication materials and your brand more attractive to read. In our html5 flipbook your readers don’t need to download any third-party software or plug-in for them to view your publications.

As we are Nepal’s best flip newspaper, flip book, and online magazine maker, we have different online newspaper publishing software that creates html5 flipbook as your need.

Flip Epaper Design & Development